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Post-doc research on market shaping and related topics

Kaartemo, V., Coviello, N., & Nummela, N. (2019). A Kaleidoscope of Business Network Dynamics: Rotating Process Theories to Reveal Network MicrofoundationsIndustrial Marketing Management, forthcoming.

A systematic review of artificial intelligence and robots in value co-creation: Current status and future research avenues Kaartemo_Helkkula_2018_AI_robots
Valtteri Kaartemo, Anu Helkkula (2018)

Concept analysis and development of international service
Valtteri Kaartemo (2018)
Cogent Business and Management

Embedding Foresight in Business Intelligence
Marti Arran Masters, Valtteri Kaartemo (2018)

Enhancing the understanding of processes and outcomes of innovation: the contribution of effectuation to S-D logic
Valtteri Kaartemo, Christian Kowalkowski, Bo Edvardsson (2018)

International Entrepreneurship as an Admittance-Seeking Educational Field
Valtteri Kaartemo, Nicole Coviello, Peter Zettinig (2018)
Journal of Teaching in International Business

Platform as a Social Contract: An Analytical Framework for Studying Social Dynamics in Online Platforms
Nicolas Gach, Joni Salminen, Valtteri Kaartemo (2018)

Shaping service ecosystems: exploring the dark side of agency
Cristina Mele, Suvi Nenonen, Jaqueline Pels, Kaj Storbacka, Angeline Nariswari, Valtteri Kaartemo (2018)
Journal of Service Management

A Service-Ecosystem Perspective on Value Creation: Implications for International Business
Valtteri Kaartemo, Melissa A. Akaka, Stephen L. Vargo (2017)

Making Sense of Network Dynamics through Network Picturing
Tiina Valjakka, Valtteri Kaartemo, Katri Valkokari (2017)

Research trajectories of Service-Dominant Logic: Emergent themes of a unifying paradigm in business and management
Attila Pohlmann, Valtteri Kaartemo (2017)
Industrial Marketing Management

The elements of a successful crowdfunding campaign: A systematic literature review of crowdfunding performance
Valtteri Kaartemo (2017)
International Review of Entrepreneurship

Translation Mechanisms of International Market Shaping: The Transformation of St. Petersburg Bread Market from 1997–2007
Valtteri Kaartemo, Elina Pelto (2017)
Journal of East-West Business

Co-evolution of dynamic capabilities and value propositions from a process perspective
Tapio Riihimäki, Valtteri Kaartemo, Peter Zettinig (2016)
Advances in business-related scientific research journal

Creation and shaping of the global solar photovoltaic (PV) market
Valtteri Kaartemo (2016)

Customer participation management: Developing a comprehensive framework and a research agenda
Mekhail Mustak, Elina Jaakkola, Aino Halinen, Valtteri Kaartemo (2016)
Journal of Service Management

Employee motivation to participate in workplace innovation via in-house crowdsourcing
Kira Palin, Valtteri Kaartemo (2016)
European Journal of Workplace Innovation

The potential of network pictures for international alliance and network research
Valtteri Kaartemo, Hannu Makkonen, Rami Olkkonen (2015)

The translation mechanisms of market-shaping ideas
Kaartemo Valtteri, Elina Pelto (2015)

Viability Radar: A Practical Tool for Assessing the Viability of Transformative Service Innovations in a Healthcare Context
Marikka Heikkilä, Jouni Saarni, Valtteri Kaartemo, Aki Koponen (2015)
Technology Innovation Management Review

Network development process of international new ventures in internet-enabled markets SERVICE ECOSYSTEMS APPROACH – service ecosystems approach
Kaartemo Valtteri (2013)